How to Delete Computer File Permanently

What is a computer file? 

A computer file refers to any multi-media saved on a computer. Common examples of computer files we store in our computers include videos, music, doc, pdf, or a document. Deleting a computer file permanently means that the file will not be in the computer’s recycle bin.

The advantage of deleting a file permanently.

Since the file is not sent to the recycle bin, deleting a file permanently creates more space in your hard drive.

The disadvantage of deleting a file permanently.

Once you delete the file, you cannot recover it. If you need to recover the file, you need to hire an expert to recover the files. This is expensive and tedious.

Caution when deleting a computer file permanently

Two very important points you should note before permanently deleting a file. First, ensure that you no longer need the file you want to delete.

Secondly, you cannot recover files you have permanently deleted. Therefore, you have to be sure that you no longer need the files before you proceed to delete them.

3 Steps to permanently delete a computer file

  1. Locate the file: The file could be at the desktop, partition disk, downloads, or any other location.
  2. Highlight the file: Using either mouse or keypad, drag to highlight the file you want to delete. A correctly highlighted file will be blue in color.
  3. Click Shift + Delete simultaneously. A dialogue box pops up inquiring you if you want to delete the file permanently. By clicking yes, the file will be deleted permanently.

Why do people delete computer files permanently

For various reasons, you need to delete a file from your computer permanently.

The most common reason for people to delete a file permanently is when handling sensitive files. Imagine you have a very confidential file like a payslip and other people have access to the computer your computer.

You may not want such a document to remain on your computer. Just deleting the document is not enough since it can be viewed from the recycle bin. One can easily restore the document and use it.

Limited disk space is another reason why you may want to delete a file permanently. If your laptop’s disk is about to fill, then you have an unwanted file like a movie or a video.

Deleting a file permanently would create additional disk space since the memory occupied by the file will be free.


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