How to Identify your Computer IP address in Windows

The IP address keeps our computers connected to the internet.

Why and how? 

The way we recognize people by their names, the internet recognizes all gadgets connected to it by a unique id referred to as an IP address. IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol.

So, so long as you are connected to the internet, your computer is using a unique IP address.

Therefore, when you are unable to connect the internet, your internet provider may require you to tell them the IP address of the computer you are using.

Unfortunately, how to identify the IP address is still a challenge to many computer users today.

Relax, below is how you do it.

5 Step-by-step Guide to identify your computer’s IP address

Step 1: Click your laptops Windows start button. A window will pop up.  The window contains a list of most used programs. 

At the bottom of this window, you will find a text box with a search icon. The text box has some pre-written text reading “search programs and files.”

Step 2: In the “Search Program and Files text box, type the word  “cmd” until you see “cmd.exe” under program files.

cmd program helps in accessing computer files and directories by typing commands instead of buttons or Graphical User interface (GUI).

Step 3: Click “cmd.exe” and a new black screen will pop up. A vertical cursor should be blinking at the end of line C:\\users\YourComputerName> I. 

This is where you should type various cmd commands to interrogate the computer system.

Step 4: To identify the IP address, type the phrase “ipconfig” where the cursor is blinking then press the Enter Key.

Note, ipconfig is the cmd command that queries the computer’s network connection information including Ip address, connected router, Internet provider, and MAC address among other details. 

Step 5: From details displayed, your computer IP Address is listed below “link localIPV6 address” as the “IPv4 address.” 


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