The 7 Habits Killing Your SmartPhone Battery

SmartPhone battery lifespan is a worrying trend for smartphone users today. In fact, smartphone battery ability to store charge decrease significantly within a year.

Though any battery naturally reduce its efficiency, in most cases, human habits contribute to faster degradation of phone battery.

Below are 7 habits that drain the phone battery faster.

1. Extreme temperatures (too hot or cold)

Heat is an enemy of Lithium-ion that batteries are made of. Stop placing your phone on hot services like a car dashboard, under the sun, or near the fire.

2. High Screen Brightness

The smartphone screen is the largest consumer of battery power. Therefore, the brighter the screen the more power the screen draws from the battery. Avoid bright screens to conserve the battery.

3. Long Screen Lock Timeout

All smart devices come with auto-lock feature. This determines how quickly the screen switches itself off when idle.

If the lock is long, your screen will consume more charges before timeout. In addition, long timeouts risk background activities.

For instance, placing your phone in a bag without locking may launch music, open a camera, play video, call people hence consuming more power.

4. Bright Colored or Animation Themes

A device’s theme is maintained by a battery charge. The brighter the theme, the more charge your phone use to keep it bright.

Solution: use dark themes instead. A dark theme uses little charge to maintain. Therefore, dark themes preserve your battery charge reducing battery charge cycles.

5. Unused Apps

All apps receive regular updates from the authors. Often, such apps update without our knowledge. These background activities drain the battery.

Therefore, regularly carry out phone audits. Uninstall apps that you no longer use. This means less charge drainage thus longer battery life.

6. Unrestricted App Permissions

The majority of phone users don’t care about the permission levels of the Apps. The Apps, therefore, are left with power-consuming permissions.

An example is Facebook whose default Video Autoplay feature. As you scroll pages, videos autoplay thus drawing more power.

To solve this, navigate to settings of all Apps and restrict various activities if you don’t need them. That way, your phone battery will discharge slowly.

7. Apps Running When Not Necessary

Whenever you are busy, ensure you activate one of your battery saving modes. Most people leave their phones operating at an optimal mode when even asleep. A big mistake.

Imagine you are asleep and you left all your Apps operating normally. In most cases, many don’t even need to leave your data unless you expect a notification midway.

Through the night, the Apps are updating and running, consuming power, and draining the battery as a result.

Disable phone data when going to bed. You only need your alarm. Save energy.


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