How to Use Smart Switch App to Copy Files From Old to New Phone

Do you recall what happened when you bought a new phone? You had to install all apps again configure them afresh. Right! Smart Switch App solves the frustration you went through when you bought a new Android phone.

To do this, you had to back up all the photos and videos to either a laptop or a memory card. Then later transfer them to the new phone later.

The most frustrating is that you were prepared to lose all text messages. All love messages, gone! All bank notifications, gone as well!

The good thing. This is a thing of the past now. Are you aware you can now copy android phone contents to another phone just using an App? Below is a complete guide on how to copy all contents without losing any data.

Smart Switch Android App Guide

All that you need is a Smart Switch android app. This app allows you to copy Android phone contents (photos, videos, apps, and messages) from old android phones to the new android phone in minutes.

Samsung A-Series smartphones have Smart Switch pre-installed. Therefore, when you buy a new Samsung phone, it will query you if you want to import contents from the old phone via the smart switch. If the old phone is a Samsung phone, this will be easy.

Installing Smart Switch App

The two smartphones must have a smart switch app installed. Samsung phones come with Smart Switch app pre-installed.

However, many other phones don’t have a smartphone pre-installed. If your old phone has no smart switch pre-installed, you can download it on the Google play store for free.

Connecting Two Phones using Smart Switch App

Once installed, launch the app. The app will ask you to choose either USB or Wireless option to transfer contents.

If you choose the USB option, you need to have a USB Extension Adapter cable to connect the two phones. Most likely you do not have this.

Therefore, choose the wireless option then follow below two steps.

First, this option works exactly like Bluetooth. So both phones must have Smart Switch apps open simultaneously.

Secondly, tap to choose wireless options in the two apps for a wireless exchange to work. Once the above is done, the app will search and find to establish a connection.

In some cases, the apps may fail to detect each other especially if both phones are not from the same manufacturer. When this happens, the app automatically activates the PIN option.

Once the PIN option is activated, the other phone will display the PIN. Choose PIN then manually type the PIN displayed on the other phone. The phones will establish a connection.

Copy Android Phone Now

Once connected, the old phone will pre-tick the data it wants to transfer to the new smartphone. Click the arrow at the bottom of the old phone to initiate the file transfer process.

Immediately, a request will pop-up on the new Smartphone asking you either to accept or decline. Click Accept to continue.

The new phone will start copying files from the old phone. Note during the entire period of copying, you will not be able to use your screen for other purposes.

Usually, the old phone will finish and popup a notification that it has finished faster than the new phone.

The new phone will display a phone symbol stating what the phone is currently doing. For instance, the phone might display “updating apps,” “updating call logs,” “updating messages,” or “updating images” as copying continues.

The new smartphone will show progress by percentage and time left to complete the transfer. The phone will also display “Organizing your staff” grab a cup of tea and wait.

Most importantly, the phone will notify you to keep the screen on. Once it reaches 100%, the new phone will display a message “You’re ready to go” and list what has been copied.

Click “Done” at the bottom of that screen to proceed using your phone.

However, if the old phone has no enough space, you may be required to repeat the above process until all contents are copied.

Hurrah. Done Copying!

Hurrah! You are done copying transfer files from your old android from the old smartphone to a new smartphone.

You can now find all the content on the new phone like videos, photos, messages, and apps.

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